Love this place! Get the best styles. - Nikki F.

I've gotten my hair cut here several times now and I love it. Get the scalp massage!  - Wade F.

Awesome as always - 

Lisa S

Always personal, professional, and quality. I love this place and these people!! - Tara K

I love Texture Salon! - 

Press S.

Excellent work and great service!!!! -

Cindy C.

Fabulous service as usual!!! - Krystal B.

I enjoyed an amazing head massage and loved my haircut! Thank you very much. - Anne L

brilliant! This is the best haircut I have ever had. She also took the time to let me know what products and techniques work with my fine, straight hair. Thank you!! - Kristen S.

One of the most relaxed facials I have ever had. A warm and cozy room with relaxing music. Looking forward to my next appointment. - Claudia R

She was so patient with my wiggle-butt two year old! - Chey H,

 Love the natural beauty supplies they use and natural light that floods Texture.  It is like no other salon in Cody.
-Chris V.