"Coming together is the beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together ...

is success."

~Henry Ford

At Texture Salon & Spa we pride ourselves as being the only full service AVEDA Concept Salon in Cody, Wyoming. We are an established business with strong leadership in our owner, Kathie McIsaac.  She is a graduated of Rizzieri AVEDA School of New Jersey taught by the world renowned hairstylist, Frank Rizzieri.  With over twenty years in the industry Kathie is now using her extensive knowledge to educate her team in all aspects of the business, from technical skills to advanced career opportunities.    Kathie has a desire to give our team the chance to succeed professionally and to grow through personal development.

Texture Salon opened in 2013 with only a single operator.  Before long Kathie was fully staffed with stylists, a nail technician, massage therapist and an esthetician.  With a mission to be an employee based salon the decision was made to pay as a commission salon, as opposed to renting to independent stylists.  The idea was to have a team rather than individual micro-salons renting space.  We soon realized there is not much difference in the commission "I/Me/Mine" mentality and independent contracting.  Kathie discovered an alternative approach known as Team Based Pay through Strategies Coaching.  After attending Strategies Incubator the decision was clear that TBP was the right path for our vision.

As an employee based salon our team is rewarded not just for their technical skills but for every quality they bring that enhances the growth of the business. Too many times in our industry we see service providers burned out physically and maxed out on the prices they can charge. At Texture individuals are rewarded by growing the ENTIRE team not just themselves. A true team works together for the advancement of each other.  Not having to compete with  coworkers for clientele, not worrying about unpredictable finances and not draining their personal banking account for advance education are just some of the many advantages of working for Texture. With a stable paycheck and clear career path, our employees have truly embraced each other as a team and strive to better each other in the process.

What does your dream salon environment look like?  What benefits do you currently have?

At Texture Salon & Spa you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Team Based Pay

  • Steady Paychecks

  • Flexible schedules

  • Team Goals and bonuses

  • A team of co-workers who want you to succeed

  • Positive team culture

  • Training program with cutting and color coach

  • Advanced in-salon education

  • Value to the company based on overall performance and not​

        exclusively working your hands to the bone​

  • Endless possibility for career growth

  • No product charges, booking keeping, or taking work

        home with you​

  • A clear career path

  • Much, much, more

  • Learn about our team culture here

Are you a motivated, driven, and goal oriented individual that wants to learn, grow and be part of a fun salon family?

Want to learn more? Send your resume here. You're on your way to starting a rewarding career!